Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Don't Magnify The Problem

It is important to know that God created us to be and function like Him, esp now that we are born again.  God  gave us His nature, ability and His life!  As God created the world with His words (Genesis the 1st chapter), like Him, we are to create our world with our words.  We need to learn how to create good things, bless our day, bless, bless, bless...never say anything negative!   
Talking about your problem magnifies it..even though you are trying to express what you are going thru, do it with wisdom, always talk about what God is doing.   Someone will say, 'how can I say something different when am in a bad situation?'   Well, that's how you know if you have faith!   I believe you must have prayed for whatever situation you are passing thru and according to the scriptures, it says, 'ask and receive' John 16 : 24.  If you did receive, then by faith act like you did Instead of talking about the problem, now talk about what God did, believing that that which you asked for has already been done.

Will the enemy tell you otherwise, oh yea!  When you start acting your faith, he will come and tell you, 'are you sure? How come you still feel sick? How come, you still don't have the money? How come this, how come that?'  Refuse to be moved by what you see, be fully persuaded that God is able to do that which He said he will do.  It's called the fight of faith. This is when you start dancing and praising God for it.   Remember our papa Abraham, never considered the deadness of his body nor of his wife Sarah's womb, he did not stagger in his faith, he believed God and was praising him..knowing that God was able to do what He promised. Read Romans 4 verse 16 to end.

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