Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Memorise - Isaiah 45:19 : I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth: I said not unto the seed of Jacob, Seek ye me in vain: I the LORD speak righteousness, I declare things that are right.

Read: Isaiah 45:17-19
Bible in one year: 2 Chronicles 7-9

 God is so generous that He does not mind sharing His kingdom with His favourites. May you be part of those that will co-reign with Jesus eternally. Concerning God's magnanimity, if you check through the Bible, you will see how generous God is. Abraham served God and he was blessed. He was a wealthy man (Genesis 24:34-35). When it was the turn of his son Isaac, God so blessed him that he became the envy of a nation (Genesis 26:12-14). Jacob also was tremendously blessed by God to the extent of having extreme wealth (Genesis 30:43). Three successive generations kept increasing in blessings as they continued to serve God. Do you know that if you obey the scriptures to raise your children in God's ways and they do the same with their own children, God's blessings in your generations will be on an increasing level?

Apart from the family of Abraham, another Bible character that benefited from God's generosity was David. Besides blessing David spiritually and making him a king, God blessed him with great wealth according to 1 Chronicles 22:7,14-16. When it was time to build for God, even when God said David will not build for him, his personal donation for building God's house was estimated at $4 billion. A fellow who can give such an amount cannot be a poor man by any standard. But after him came Solomon his son. Boy was he blessed! 2 Chronicles 1:14-15 says his wealth was so much that gold and silver were like ordinary stones during his reign. In other words, the choicest things were common place with him (Ecclesiastes 2:3-10). A time came that he got virtually everything his eyes wanted (Ecclesiastes 2:10). Not too many people among the world's richest can say that about themselves. According to Isaiah 45:19, God has not called you to seek Him in vain. If you are God's chosen and you preserve yourself in holiness, obedience, sacrificial giving and service to God, know that you will share from God's generosity. And if you can raise generations to follow God and even beat your record of service, God's blessings will be on an increasing proportion upon your generations. Are you serving God? Continue and refuse to stop. Soon in your very life, it shall be evident that God is extremely generous. This season, God will make you a candidate of His extreme generosity.

Prayer point: Father, I believe You are extremely generous. Please let people begin to see the evidence of Your extreme generosity in my life and family.

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