Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Memorise: Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low; and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough way shall be made smooth:
Luke 3:5

Read: Genesis 1:1-3
Bible In one year: Isaiah 19-21

 God is a perfect God and does not allow for a vacuum in man. In Luke 3:5, we are told that every valley shall be filled. God created us as His dwelling place. Every space inside you that is not given to God shall be taken over by something else, because there is no room for a vacuum. If you do not fill your mind with God's Word, it will be filled with other things like worldly knowledge, the advice of men, suggestions of demons and perhaps dirty thoughts The tithe you fail to pay to God will definitely be paid to devourers - sicknesses, fraudsters, loss, etc. A sister once shared her experience. She was taught in a church to pay her tithes but she did not like to. She felt that considering her meagre salary, tithing would be a big loss to her. To prevent being disturbed, she stopped attending the church. In the meantime, there was a micro finance bank very close to where she was working. There she saved her salary regularly until one day, somebody asked her to check them out. By the time she did, the bank had gone under and she met lots of people outside with some armed policemen. All her savings together with the promised interest had gone with the wind! Those who think they are smart by avoiding tithes will later realise how foolish they were. Decide who to pay tithe to - God or devourers.
Everyone is born into ignorance but as you grow up and acquire knowledge, ignorance is gradually displaced by knowledge. Similarly, when you were born, you were born into sin. But after you knew the Lord by accepting Him into your heart as Lord and personal saviour and began to study the Bible and receive Bible teachings, your old nature will begin to give way to the divine nature. The more you yield to God, obey Him and please Him, the less Satan will be able to have access to you. It is your duty to ensure you are filled with the right substance. God is perfect in all His ways and so He does not permit superfluity. This means that, if a person can do a particular task, God will not assign the task to two people. That is a waste because if the two of them are doing what one person can do, efficiency will be compromised, while an aspect of the general Kingdom assignment somewhere else will be suffering. This should guide us as we build departments; do not over-staff one department where many become redundant, while other departments are under-staffed thereby exposing them to so much pressure. Ask God for wisdom to manage your resources.

Key point: Whenever there is a vacuum in your life, the Holy Spirit wants to fill it up.

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