Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Memorise: And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? 2Corinthians 6:15

Read: Acts 16:16-18
Bible in one year: Mark 7-10

In the Body of Christ today, there is so much of spiritual prostitution and pollution taking place. Lazy pastors and ministers who want to either attract a crowd or perform miracles but cannot pay Heaven's price, eventually condescend to accepting hell's cheaper but more devastating alternative. Not all that glitters is gold. There is so much of fake gold around hence we should be very careful. The Heaven-bound believer will not major on miracles but on the Word of God. Sometimes, the difference between counterfeit spirit and the original Spirit of God is so slim that it will take the one with the gift of discerning of spirits to know which is which. May the Lord open your eyes to see the spirit behind the scenes in Jesus name.

In Acts 16:16-18, Paul and Silas were going about their Kingdom assignment, but unknown to them, their Public Relations Officer was an agent of darkness. Ordinarily, they thought the lady was doing very well in introducing the men of God to the people, but unknown to them, it was the spirit of divination that was in operation. It took them a while before they could arrive at the truth and cast out the spirit. One lesson here is that Satan seeks to partner with genuine men and women of God. When the Kingdom of Satan is being threatened by your commitment to God's Kingdom, they will offer you a truce - some kind of subtle partnership. They may send their agent who will claim to be a leader of a church organisation or an association of church organisations, who would tell you that they have watched you with keen interest over the years, and want to assist you in any way possible, but you will have to step down on your message of holiness. If you accept their offer, you may still think you are working for God: in fact, you may have all the money to erect gigantic structures and improve on externals, but you will be serving a new master as your message would have been edited. In like manner, from time to time, some so called prophets or prophetesses will go to a living church and want to use their gifts to manipulate the entire church and bring it under their control. This is why you have to pray for your leaders never to fall prey to these imposters. As a pastor, you should not just allow anybody called man of God or woman of God to mount your pulpit. Use only those who are tried and tested, who are still living with clean records.

Prayer point: Pray that God will deliver genuine servants of God from falling prey to the deception of agents of darkness.

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