Monday, 15 April 2013


Memorise: And Elijah said unto Ahab Get thee up, eat and drink: for there is a sound of abundance of rain. 1 Kings 18:41

Read: 1Kings 18:41-46
Bible in one year: 2Chronicles 1-3

The gift of prophesy entails being told or shown future events by God. What are the implications of such revelation gifts? It is to enable you see the invisible and to hear the inaudible. Believe it or not, when we gather in God's presence, there are big, angelic beings in our midst and around us. One reason God may not want to show them to us is so that we do not become frightened or distracted. Because angels are usually of great size, if your eyes are open to see them, the first thing they will say to you is, Fear not. This season, the Lord will open your eyes to see angels and they will minister effectively to you.
All around us, we are surrounded and bombarded with messages in the air waves from local, national and international radio and television stations as well as the internet. If you look at the sky, you will see nothing because these broadcasts are invisible, but if you have the appropriate equipment, and begin to tune to the different stations, you will be amazed at the number of information that is passing through the airwaves that the fellow who lacks such equipment may be completely oblivious of. In the same way, there is so much information being transmitted from the heavenly 'radio and television stations'. God is constantly speaking: He can be saying so much yet you may be unable to hear a single word because you lack the right equipment. It takes possessing one or more of the revelational gifts to enable you hear the inaudible and see the invisible. In 1 Kings 18:41, Elijah told Ahab to go and eat and stop worrying because he has heard the sound of the abundance of rain. Nobody else could hear that sound because they did not have the gift. The truth is, when a major earth-shaking event is about to take place, the heavens will be pregnant with this information. If you can key into the spirit, you can spiritually sense what is coming. Do you know you can sense your turnaround? You can sense your breakthrough with the help of these gifts. Ask God for the revelational gifts today.
Prayer point: Father, make me sensitive to heaven's communications. Henceforth, let events no longer take me by surprise.

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